Our SHAZAMChek debit card ordering procedure...

We have a special ordering procedure with debit cards. Unlike ATM cards, which can be picked up and the PIN selected in each of our lobbies, SHAZAMChek cards are ordered from the electronic commerce department of our bank by submitting a completed "Visa Debit Card Request" form to either location either in person, by mail or by FAX. (See prior page for a printable request form).

For security purposes while in transit to the customer, no accounts are associated with the card(s) at the time the card is ordered. They are mailed directly to the customer from the card supplier.

When the customer has received their SHAZAMChek card(s), they are required to either call or drop into either location and notify us. At that time, we at the bank link the card(s) to the proper accounts, activate them on the SHAZAM® and VISA® networks, and obtain an 8 digit authorization number for the customer to use when calling SHAZAM's EZ-PIN automated telephone system to select their PIN. To verify it's activation, we require that the customer first use the card at an ATM for a balance inquiry or withdrawal before using it for a point-of-sale or on-line purchase.

We are required by Visa® to inform you that our debit cards should not be used for illegal transactions.

For more information, contact us via E-mail at  customer.service@danvillebank.com or call 392-4261 (Tollfree 877-392-4261)

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