Before you send that email...

We have had several customers send regular, unencrypted email messages to us with private account information (i.e. Social security numbers, account numbers, or specific transaction details) in the body or subject of the message. Please keep in mind that a regular email should be considered like a conventional postcard. Most email servers keep a copy of the messages they relay for a period of time to allow messages to be resent if the need arises. Anyone who is able to intercept the message enroute or view it on one of the relaying mail servers can read the entire message AND COULD USE THE INFORMATION FRAUDULENTLY.

If you have a need to communicate private account information to us electronically,
we request that you use the "Send a Secure Email" link from the User Services page after you log into our Internet banking service. Not only does your information remain private, this also verifies that it is indeed you that sent the message to us.

      Danville State Savings Bank
      Internet Banking Department

If you understand that no personal information is to be included in a standard email, please click the link below to contact Danville State Savings Bank's customer service by standard email.
Contact Danville State Savings Bank Customer Service by conventional email