Help for selecting a secure passcode...

Our Internet Banking service's integrity depends upon the use of good, secure passcode selection. When you select a passcode, the system automatically tests what you enter against "code breaker" type software. If the software determines that the passcode is related to your personal information (i.e. Name, Social Security number, Access ID, etc) or is able to "guess" your passcode, it refuses to accept it and prompts you to select another. This can be aggravating and inconvenient, but unfortunately, it's necessary to safeguard the integrity of your personal information. Below are a few helpful hints to assist you in selecting a secure passcode:

*An excellent method of selecting a passcode is to think of a word you can easily remember, such as "politely". You then need to substitute numbers or control characters for some of the letters in the word, such as the vowels. Our example word might read "p0lit3ly" now, since we've substituted a zero for the "o" and a three for the "e". Any word you can easily remember can be used in the method as long as it complies with the rules listed above. Of course, you can use a word, modified using our method, in conjunction with a series of numbers to create a very secure passcode.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS AS YOUR PASSCODE! This word is only used to illustrate the method and is shorter than we at your bank recommend.

We also want to caution you not to share your Access ID or passcode information with anyone for any reason. This service is provided strictly for your convenience. You should guard your Access ID and passcode as you would a credit card or your ATM PIN number.

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