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Member of the SHAZAM® ATM Network

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Danville State Savings Bank issues both SHAZAM®ATM cards
and VISA® branded SHAZAMChek Cards to qualifying customers.

So, what's so special about VISA® branded SHAZAMChek Cards?

Well, of course they can be used in any ATM affiliated with either SHAZAM®, PLUS®, or CIRRUS® networks, just like our ordinary ATM cards, for cash withdrawals or deposits as well as funds transfers on associated accounts.

What's special about SHAZAMChek cards is that they can also be used instead of cash anywhere a VISA® debit card is accepted. This includes:

The amount of the purchase is automatically debited from the checking account* associated with the card. This means there is no credit card bill to deal with.

Debit cards also have higher daily and 3-day limits than ATM cards which makes purchases up to $1000 per day possible. They practically make traveller's checks obsolete, since they're much more widely accepted.

Due to the higher limits and greater flexibility, we do have a special procedure for issuing debit cards. Click here for an explanation of our ordering procedure.

Debit card image Click here to open a "printer friendly" application to be completed and mailed or faxed in to our bank for processing. (Debit card disclosure page will display first. After reading our disclosure, please click the link at the bottom of the page for an application).
But what about security? All online transactions using a VISA credit or debit card conducted via the VISA® network are covered by VISA®'s ZERO LIABILITY policy. You are not responsible for any fraudulent transactions conducted on your card number, whether online, or at any normal point-of-sale terminal on the VISA® network.
*Because the number of transactions are limited on certain interest bearing accounts, the primary link on a debit card is restricted to our regular checking accounts.

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