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Many banks in Iowa, including Danville State Savings Bank, have chosen to charge customers of other financial institutions a fee for ATM withdrawals. Customers using ATM or debit cards issued by Danville State Savings Bank will not be surcharged at our ATMs. Cards issued by other financial institutions that are not Privileged Status® members (see explanation below) will be charged a fee of $3.00 for each cash withdrawal. ATM deposits, transfers between accounts and balance inquiries, regardless of the card issuer, are not surcharged in the state of Iowa.

In anticipation of ATM surcharging, many community banks, including Danville State Savings Bank, have joined a surcharge-free alliance within the SHAZAM® network called Privileged Status.® The purpose of this alliance is to provide our customers with many more surcharge-free ATMs than would ever be possible otherwise. Our customers can use any ATM displaying the Priviledged Status logo and not be charged a surcharge for withdrawals. Click on the link or logo for a searchable list of Privileged Status® ATMs in the Midwest.
Click for a searchable list of participating Privileged Status<SUP><small>®</small></SUP> ATMs in the Midwest.

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